Messy testing - Rapunzel, Buttermilk and Enchanted ltd run

Rapunzel ltd run is one of the newest colours out from CiM this autumn. It is a very pretty opaque lilac which looks like a pinker version of Heffalump. These little bird beads show difference between the two, Hefalump bird on the left and a Rapunzel bird on the right. These beads have been photographed in natural daylight.
Next I have some Rapunzel flower bud beads with Enchanted petals to show. Both Rapunzel and Enchanted look different shades under different kinds of lighting, These  buds  show how they photograph under white LED lighting.

I sometimes have trouble with boiling the glass and creating micro-bubbles in pale transparent colours because I tend to work on the hot side (Carlisle mini CC torch on 2 oxygen concentrators). Enchanted was very well behaved for me and a real pleasure to work with.
This next pair of flower bud beads have a base of Buttermilk ltd run with Enchanted petals over the top. Buttermilk is a lovely creamy looking pale ivory colour which looks just lovely under the soft transparent lavender of Enchanted.

These beads have been photographed under white LED lights.
Buttermilk ltd run can be fumed with silver leaf, shown here with this tiny goddess bead. The darker areas are where the silver leaf has been burnished on to the bead and vapourised in the flame to leave small caramel tan areas of colour behind.

Jolene xx

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