Messy testing - Chrysalis and Poolside ltd run

CiM Chrysalis ltd run was created in response to a request for an opaque version of Kryptonite. The hearts on the left are Chrysalis and the dotty beads on the right are made with Kryptonite. Chrysalis is a much paler pastel shade of green than Kryptonite, very pretty. It is denser than Kryptonite and does not appear to let any light pass through it at all but it also has special glossy look to it something akin to the gloss you see with some of the Effetre opalino colours. Chrysalis is a very pretty colour in it's own right and a welcome new addition to the 104 palette.

All of these flower bud beads have a base of Chrysalis with transparent teal petals swiped on over the top. The petals on the left most pair are made with Poolside ltd run and the petals on the right hand buds are made with Aegean ltd run. When placed as a very thin layer in this way these two pretty teal transparent glasses look very similar. In real life the Poolside beads are a touch lighter than Aegean.

These next  flower bead pairs were made with a base of CiM teal colours in various hues which have been partially encased with Effetre clear glass. On the left is Poolside, Aegean in the middle and Tuscan Teal ltd run on the right hand side. You can see very clearly here how different Poolside and Aegean look  when used to create the body of a bead. Below is a leaf created with layers of Poolside, Aegean and Tuscan Teal ltd run which gives it an effective looking ombre appearance.

Happy melting, Jolene xx

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