Messy testing - Apple Pie, Turtle Power and Juniper ltd run

This trio of lovely green shades of glass are all new limited run colours out this autumn from Creation is Messy. These dotty monster beads from left to right are made with Apple Pie ltd run, Turtle Power ltd run and Juniper ltd run decorated with Butternut ltd run spots. I made these guys to donate to Beads of Courage UK and Ireland.

Apple Pie ltd run is a pretty pale pastel green that does not show any striations on the finished beads. It is melts smoothly and is quite soft. It is very easy to work with and coped very well with the texture tool (Karen Leonardo featherbone mashers) that I used to created these leaf beads.

These sweet little tab beads here show a direct comparison between Apple Pie on the left and Primavera on the right. Apple Pie is darker and a touch more blue than Primavera. The drawings on these are doodles that my daughter has drawn and they are also destined to become Act of Courage beads for some brave kids on the Beads of Courage program in the UK.

Turtle Power ltd run is a bright mid toned green. It melts smoothly, is well behaved in the flame and coped well when chilled quickly by the texture tool I was using. I am not sure who made the tool that I used to texture these beads with but it looks like pair of concave clam shell plates on the end of long tweezers.

Juniper ltd run is a rich streaky dark green opaque shade. It puts me in mind of Sherwood ltd run. I used simple parallel mashers to create these beads. The mashers have created concentric chill marks on the surface of the leaves which I have not flame polished out as I think it adds an interesting and subtle texture to the finished design.

Jolene x

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