Messy testing - Rudolf and Orange Crush part 2

I had a couple of questions come up on CP about how Orange Crush compares to Clockwork and Rudolf compares to Maraschino so thought I would take some side by side photos to show.

Clockwork on the left stays transparent while the Orange Crush opacifies quite a bit when struck. These beads are really tiny so they were not worked for very long in the flame. Both are really lovely juicy colours but Orange Crush wins the beauty contest for me.
Maraschino Vs Rudolf - Both of these scrumptious reds become more opaque when struck, Maraschino (on the left) more so than Rudolf. Marashino looks pinkish and Rudolf appears to tend towards orange. This picture was taken outside in very bright sunlight.

I also really wanted to make some encased florals with Orange Crush. I have used a very thin stringer of Orange Crush and placed the dots over Effetre white. The core colour is Effetre light olive. The flower and fern patterns have all struck easily and evenly under layer of 006 Clear. Orange Crush looks really bright and pretty even when used in tiny amounts.

Have a great weekend, Jolene x

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