Messy testing - Orange Crush and Rudolf ltd run colours

 I loved playing with these colours, they are so juicy and bright. Rudolf and Orange Crush are both well behaved and easy to strike with a similar vivid cheerful intensity. The tabs on the left show both colours used as large dots and stripes directly over Vetrofond Banana Cream odd. These beads didn't need any special attention to get the colours to pop, the pressing and flame polishing took care of all of the striking required and the results were consistent and fab!
This teeny goddess bead was made with Orange Crush and if you look carefully you can make out that although she has been evenly struck, the core of her body is slightly more opaque looking which resulted from that part of the bead being worked in the flame for longer. It's a lovely effect.
You can see a similar effect here with Rudolf, in this image you can see the deeper opacity in the core and the more transparent part along the curve of her bottom. This red is beautiful and lovely to work with.

I really fancy making some super summery floral beads with these colours so there will be another post on them sometime soon.

Orange Crush and Rudolph will be available in the UK sometime in early to mid March I think.

Have a super day, Jolene x
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