Messy testing - Gypsy and Marine ltd run colours

I've fallen for Gypsy in a big way, it's a deep and rich super saturated purple transparent. In the tabs here I have teamed it up with Marine over Effetre light blue 224. I added most of the detail on these beads with encased stringer made with either Gypsy or Marine over a core of 224. On a few of these bead where I have added swipes of glass straight from the rod of Gypsy the colours is so deep and intense that it looks like neat Vimto!

Marine did not take too well to being flame polished after being chilled in the brass press that I used to make the flat tab shapes. Until that point it was fuss free and didn't pit or bubble in the slightest like many transparent blues and aqua glass can. I think I pushed it just that little bit too far and worked just a little too hot! Gypsy and Marine both etch well.

Marine really comes into it's own when used to make tiny tiny dots. I've layered it up with Effetre white here and it looks delicious. Gypsy is pretty used this way too and bith look lush over Effetre baby pink.

Have a great weekend, Jolene x

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