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Making scroll patterns with frit

This technique works best with a larger grind frit, here I am using Zimmermann Olive Brown K1 Z891 (CoE 96) size frit which is a similar size to K2 sized Gaffer or Reichenbach frit.

Step 1
Make your base bead, this bead has been made with CiM Auburn.

Step 2
Burnish your bead randomly with small pieces of silver leaf or foil.
Step 3
Spot heat your bead and pick up single pieces of frit with long nose tweezers and place them on your bead. Space your frit evenly around the centre of your bead.
Step 4
Melt your frit down flat.
Step 5
Take a thick clear stringer, 3mm or so, spot heat between your frit dots and then use your stringer to twist the surface of your bead and distort your frit. Blow on your stringer and then wiggle it to remove it from your bead. A small piece of clear glass will be left behind. Work your way around you bead heating and twisting making sure you always twist in the same direction each time.
Step 6
Melt your beads smooth and pop it in your kiln to anneal.

Jolene x

You can find large grind Zimmermann Frit at Frit N Chips lampwork supplies


  1. Thank you Jolene, I must give it a go

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips on how to make these Jolene.