CiM, Zim and Silver part V.....

This is the fifth instalment in my CiM/Zim series of posts and this trio of lovely beads sets show some gorgeous effects.The beads on the left are made with two pretty CiM Glass colours that were both released as a limited run last summer. The golden transparent is called Peachy Keen and the lush opal peach is called Peaches & Cream. I've made some little nugget shaped beads, two plain, two with fine silver leaf, two with a touch of Zimmermann Z096 Gibsey Brown because I so love peachy and chocolaty colours together. 

The seventh bead is one made with lightly reduced Helios made by Double Helix Glassworks which I though would finish this set off beautifully. There is no strong reaction with the silver from either glass, partially melting in has just left a pretty little coating on the surface of the beads.

This next set shows some stunning reactions. CiM Auburn with fine silver leaf and Zimmermann Z821 Olive Brown. I've a short free tutorial here to show you how these were made.

I had quite a tricky time photographing these which I think is quite a common thing with deep red glass. This picture was taken outside on an overcast morning. The reactions between the glass and the silver in these beads is glorious, grey blue, navy blue and even little areas of  a bright royal blue in places that I have completely failed to capture in my photography.

Last up is CiM Thunder Egg with Z671 Mirror Blue. I made this set using the same frit scrolls technique as above but this time without the fine silver leaf. There is something so unpredictable about the colour changing properties of this pretty blue grey opal glass. At first I thought it might be down to flame chemistry but I was careful to keep the flame neutral in the making of these beads. I suspect that the deeper grey beads are ones that have been worked longer in the flame. I will need to do some more testing to be absolutely sure but I really like it.

Jolene x

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