Mini Mo' Aug 2011 - Sedona Park and Parma Violets

This colourway is my favourite so far. Lashings of Effetre Ivory, silver leaf and beautiful striking shards made from lovely Coral/Orange Phoenix. The colour takes me back to a holiday, many moons ago, to Arizona and it brings to mind fond memories of an afternoon tooling about in Sedona National Park in a Pink Jeep!

This pressed vertebrae bead has been finished with a Sedona park silvered murrini on each side. I have left them a little raised to show how they look when used this way. I have a thing for making murrini with asymmetric starburst "spokes" at the minute and these take that idea about as far as I could push it to give them a softer and more organic appearance without them looking unstructured.

This pretty little bead set has been made on a base of Effetre mid Topaz and uses little pieces of Sedona Park twistie encased with 006 to magnify the detail. Several of the beads have Sedona Park murrini which have been melted in flush to the beads surface.

My second colourway this month puts me in mind of those little rolls of perfumed sweets that I used to love when I was little. It is called Parma Violet (or more truthfully and being queen of typo's Palma Violets). It's a lovely (slightly reactive in an oxygen rich flame) lavender, lilac and pale violet selection. The glass I have used here includes Lauscha Violet, ASK petal Pink and CiM Thai Orchid.
To the left is a vertebrae bead with a twist, the ribs have been made with a rod of pale lilac filligreano which has left a floating ribbon of colour wrapped around my bead. I have finished each side with raised Parma Violet murrini - these again have asymmetric "spokes" to give them an organic feel.

to the right are a set of beads created using long lengths of Parma Violets Twistie cane. I wrapped these in a low flame over a tube shaped base of CiM Thai Orchid or ASK Petal Pink and encased with a thick layer of Effetre 006.

This final bead set uses Midnight Whisper shards which are made with a new colour - CiM Midnight ltd run. You can read more about my Midnight  Messy Testing here.

Jolene x

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