Midnight Chameloen..........

Midnight ltd run shards with pure silver
Midnight is a new addition to CiM's limited run selection and it's a bit of an enigma. In rod form it looks almost navy but when I held it up to the light it looked much more purpleish to me. I immediately wanted to play with this new glass as silvered shards. I tried some shards using midnight alone but found them to be too pale, generally I make transparent shards over a tiny base of a pale opaque to give them more depth, unless the glass is super dense like CiM Slytherin. For Midnight I wanted to emphasis the purple tones and so chose Heffalump to make a small core on the end of my blowpipe, layered on lashings of Midnight and then burnished fine silver leaf over the top. As you can see from the picture of my shards on the right, Midnight hasn't reacted with the silver leaf at all which is sitting in the surface of my shards in pretty little droplets.

I chose a number of different base glasses to pop my Midnight shards on top of. Starting at the top and looking clockwise - over the top of Zachary, Fremen, Blush and Gelly's Sty, these shards do indeed show purple tones. Over Desert Pink, Larkspur and Cranberry Pink, Midnight shards tend to look much more like a deep dark blue.

Midnight Whisper Beads

The amber colors that you can see coming through in Zachery, Fremen and Desert pink tell me that these base glasses have reacted to the fine silver droplets on my Midnight shards and that playing about with these and some silver rich glass would yield some interesting results.

Some cold worked and acid etched Midnight shard beads. These show that Midnight etches beautifully.

Jolene x

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