Messy testing - Great Bluedini

Great Bludini
Then you need to get a little Great Bludini in your life! The colour of this stuff is utterly beautiful no matter which way I melt it. It makes me think of the taste of Blue Raspberry Slush Puppies (remember those?).

This selection of twistie has all been made using pulled over a base of Peace, using either224 Light Sky Blue or Reichenbach 104 3206 Iris Dense Blue for opaque contrast.

These beads show how the various patterns of Great Bludini twistie looks when melted flat over a core of 224 Light Sky Blue and encased with beautiful Laucsha Clear Glass.

I think that Great Bludini is such a beautiful saturated colour that it lends itself to twistie making beautifully, coming out a delicate aqua tone when heavily diluted with white and pale blues.

Jolene x
Frit N Chips lampwork supplies and Kitzbitz Art Beads

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