Messy testing - Cerulean and Cerulean Sparkle ltd run

Creation is Messy are bringing out some experimental glass this January by adding aventurine sparkle to this gorgeous aqua blue glass called Cerulean ltd run. These two sets of hearts may look the same - they are from the same melt but the pair on the right are made with Cerulean Sparkle ltd run which has been given tiny sparkly golden inclusions. The effect is very subtle and doesn't show up very well in a photograph but does show with movement when the beads are outdoors in the sun. I am looking forward to working with other glass like this in the future and hope CiM experiment more with blingy inclusions in the future.

This pair of little textured heart beads show what Cerulean looks like under a layer of clear encasement.

Happy Melting, Jolene

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