Messy testing - Aiko, Troi and Weeping Willow ltd run

Today I am looking at a trio of new colours coming to the UK from Creation is Messy this spring. The first I want to show is called Aiko ltd run. It is a very pretty mid teal transparent shade.

This first set of beads have been made with a core of Aiko encased with Effetre clear glass. I then used a diamond saw blade to take little nibbles out of the surface of the beads and tumble etched them for a couple of hours to give them a matt finish.

The body of these pretty flower bud beads is made with another gorgeous new colour, Troi ltd run. It looks like the perfect opaque version of Aiko to me and these colours work so so well together. Both colours are a pleasure to work with, Troi melts smoothly and has a buttery texture and Aiko does not scum or bubble even when worked quite hot.
Another Troi/Aiko combination, this time with a wrap of silvered ivory stringer to separate them. Troi seems to give some streaks and striations depending on how you layer it but I like the additional detail this can give to a  bead and I don't consider that to be an unwanted quirk in the slightest. There are no effects of fuming from the silver in this stringer on either colour.
This lentil was made with a core of Trio encased with Aiko then decorated with Troi stingers. The  dots and stringer lines have darker pooled areas of colour giving the illusion of that a second layer of dots and lines were placed on the bead.
The larger round bead shown here has a core of Aiko encased with Effetre clear and has been decorated with Weeping Willow ltd run stringers. As fine stringer, Weeping Willow is very close to the same shade as it appears in rod form.
This pair of heart beads are a Weeping Willow/Aiko combination with a wrap of silvered ivory stringer to separate them. As with Troi, you can see some striations and streaks that give clues to how additional glass was added to form the shape. I think it looks very pretty!
Weeping Willow does not seem to be affected by fuming from the silvered ivory stringer.

This colour would be perfect for making little glass leaves!

16.1.19 Edit to add one last picture, some Weeping Willow leaves...

Jolene xx

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