Messy Testing - Frozen, Sakura, Nimbus and French Grey ltd run

In this post I am looking at four new colours that will be coming out soon from Creation is Messy. First up is Frozen is a new opal white ltd run  I made two Pisanka (Polish decorated Easter egg) style sets of beads from Frozen (at the front) and Marshmallow (at the back) for comparison. Frozen is more translucent and has a slightly blue tint when compared to Marshmallow.

This set of leaves and flower buds are made with a stunning new transparent pink called Sakura Ltd Run. I have swiped on petals of Sakura over Frozen for a very romantic combination of colours.
I adore the next two colours, a pair of soft looking opal grey melts. This first colour is a lush dark grey called Nimbus ltd run, a name that suits is very well.
The last new colour that I have to share today is called French Grey ltd run. I absolutely adore the way that white stringer (Effetre white) looks feathered at the edges over French Grey.

Jolene xx

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