Messy testing - Aladdin ltd run and Loch Ness ltd run

CiM have been making some absolutely glorious new colours lately. This deep opal purple is called Aladdin ltd run and it's deliciously plumy and yum!
This next colour, Loch Ness ltd run, is a super saturated green which looks almost black in this little self coloured leaf bead.  Held up to the light though it is clear to see how well Loch Ness will work in canes and as fine stringer to give a bright vibrant olive green.

I tried Loch Ness up against Slytherin and Slytherin Unique-2 as fine stringer and it falls somewhere between the two in density of colour. In the picture below from left to right, these decorated egg shaped beads use Slytherin, Loch Ness and Slytherin Unique-2

Slytherin over Peace
 Loch Ness ltd run over Peace
Slytherin Unique-2 over Peace

I think I am going to enjoy using Loch Ness is my beads a great deal, especially in beads with striped cored under deep encasement.

Jolene x

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