Mini Mo' June '14 Pansy and Fruit Punch

My first collection for June is called Pansy. I've used CiM Thai Orchid and Effetre Apricot with CiM Elphaba and Red Copper Green shards.
The first set here shows the apricot cane from the Poppy collection over Effetre lime green and encased with clear glass.
This heart trio is decorated with Poppy murrini.
My last set to show using poppy glasswork is this fab set of chunky encased discs with a Lapis twistie core.
Next up is a bright and summer collection called Fruit Punch. I've used Effere Apricot and CiM Elphaba in the main with a touch or Vetrofond Emerald and Watermelon shards.
First up for Fruit Punch is this a set of pretty graduated hearts with Elphaba twistie inside.
This collection of summertime hearts has been decorated with Fruit Punch murrini.
The last set I would like to show used fruit punch ribbon twistie as raised decoration around the centre.

Have a great day, Jo x

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