Messy Testing - Ice Floe

This evening I am looking at CiM Ice Floe ltd run which will be coming out soon. This first string of hearts compares Ice Floe (black detail) with Effetre pale aqua (white detail) and Vetrofond pale aqua (blue detail).

Ice Floe is paler than both the Vetrofond and Effetre pale aqua blues and has a slight grey tone.

I also etched sample beads of all 3 of these pale blue glass colours to compare them side by side. Ice Floe (black detail) etches beautifully enhancing its grey blue tone.
This pretty set uses Ice Floe as the encasing layer over Dirty Martini, Glacier and Effetre light violet opaque. The pale blue encasing layer give the base colours a much "cooler" look.
Last up I have used Ice Floe as the encasing layer over some bright Effetre transparent colours and then etched them. The effect is is fab, particularly over the lime and teal bases - these look like sweeties to me!

Have a super day, Jolene xx

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