Messy testing - Firecracker

Over the last few days I have been looking at Firecracker ltd run. It is a rich and vibrant transparent red that tends towards orange a little in dilute form. I'm finding it easy to strike and great for making petal canes for summer floral beads.

For this set I made a petal cane with a core of CiM Peace and a thin encasing layer of Firecracker. The colours are fairly bright  but a little more muted than I had hoped for.
The Firecracker cane I have used in this set uses a much thicker encasement of the rich red over Peace. The colour just sings out Summer to me! The orange flowers in this set are made with canes that combine CiM Pumpkin ltd run with Alley Cat ltd run.
The last Firecracker bead I have to show is this pretty ladybug. Her body is made with a large dot of Firecracker straight from the rod.

The fact that she is transparent rather than made with a bright opaque red makes her look like she kind of glows on this bead. It's a super effect.

The sun is shining and the glass is calling! Have a great week, Jolene x

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