Plot 36 - some ramblings

So it's been a little while since I posted anything to do with what is new on the lottie, we've been on hols and I've not found the time until now to catch up. The cute froggie (quite big he was) turned up on Thursday last week to say hi. he was a quick little hopper and it took a bit of doing to get this snap. I did a little google search to find out more about him and he's simply just called a common frog (rana temporia). For some reason it kind of boggled my brain to read here that there are only 6 kinds of amphibian native to the UK and that only one of them is a frog, this kind of frog, whilst the other 5 are toads and newts.
My next visit was not until the following weds, nearly a whole week! The bindweed had defeated me time-wise and my plan to dig my second potato bed before hols didn't pan out. I was about two thirds done and I was going to crack  with that but when I arrived at plot 36 there was a lovely surprise waiting, a gift of 30 or so baby onions sitting there on top of one of my grow-bags. I dug out a spot for them at the end of the Rhubarb bed (as every other part of the plot is covered with tarps and junk right now - am still waiting for the new perimeter fence to go in). I suspect they are a bit close together and I'll shift every other one to another spot as soon as I get a chance.
I managed to grab a hour on the lottie on Thurs and Fri too and finally rootled out all of the snakey bindweed roots out of me tat bed :-D two honking great buckets full from a space no more than 3m squared. It will be a little bit of a waiting game now as the Comfrey is beginning to grow taller now and I really want to wait until it is ready and cut some to line the trenches and feed my Sarpo Mira spuds when they go in.

Saturday on the lottie was really lovely, the children came with me and planted the little sunflowers that they have grown themselves from seeds. We rigged up some canes (you can see them at the back of this pic) to support them as they grow and covered them with some homemade plastic bottle cloches to try to keep the slugs away and the cold off on their first night out on the tiles. We also spotted another pretty butterfly - this one is called a Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) and I only managed to get this one fuzzy snap before it flitted away and was gone!

Have a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend, Jolene xx

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