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Plot 36, researching herbs for companion planting

While waiting to get my hands on my very own allotment access key I have  been doing some more research on companion planting. I'm looking particularly for herbs that are known to work well with the veg choices I have already made and which veg combos are known to work well together or best to avoid. Writing this blog post is going to help me decide what to plant together in the first beds that I dig, the results of my research today is:

Veg - Companion herbs - Avoid

Potatoes - any aromatic herbs - Avoid tomatoes
Kohlrabi - Mint, Chives - Avoid tomatoes
Leeks - ? - Avoid legumes, beets
Carrots - Mint - Avoid dill, parsnip, radish
Tomatoes - Basil, Chives - Avoid brassicas, potatoes
Broccoli - Chives - Avoid tomatoes

Marigolds are attributed with attract snails away from many types of plant, especially brassicas and tomatoes so I'll deffo be planting some in my mixed beds. Nastertium attract predatory insects and taste nice in leaf salads too.

So, looking at the above I think I will plant out my first bed with
Potatoes, Marigolds, Rosemary

Second bed with
Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Marigolds, Chives

Third bed with
Leeks, Carrots, Mint

Fourth bed
Tomatoes, Basil and Nastertiums.

I traded in some Tesco vouchers for Thompson and Morgan gift vouchers yesterday, off to have a look now and order some herb seeds.

have a lovely week, Jolene x

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  1. Hi Jo, You might need to re-think things a bit. Rosemary is a shrub and potatoes need to be dug up so that might disturb the roots of the rosemary bush.

    Also mint is a perennial and very rampant, best planted in a pot.

    Carrots and onions are supposed to be a good combination. The onions are supposed to deter the carrot roof fly.

    Marigolds are basil are great with tomatoes.

  2. All great info thank you ever so much Linda xx


  3. Marigold are great for attraching hover flies - hover flies eat greenfly!!

    You can eat marigolds in salads - but the English kind, not french or african. They self seed as well if you leave a couple.