Messy Testing - Absinthe ltd run

Luckily I was able to get my grubby mitts on a rod of each of the 9 new CiM Ltd Run colours released in the US in January before some of them sold out completely.  They were an early birthday treat from a lovely friend. There were 9 colours  in the Creation is Messy January release and I am planning to blog a little about each of them.

First up is Absinthe Ltd Run, I am really loving this colour, the nuggets above were made quite quickly in a hot neutral flame, wound on the mandrel, shaped round in a graphite roller and then struck once when re-heated to form the facets on a graphite paddle. This delicious colour is described as milky green moonstone but I would describe these little nugget beads as pale juicy lime green.

Left you can see how Absinthe looks when worked for longer and struck multiple times. This nugget is half and half Absinthe and Peace with a band of dilute goldstone stringer around its middle. It has fully opacified and is a delicious pale pastel opal green.

Now for something a little more complex with Absinthe ltd run, the core of this lentil is made with Absinthe which has been wrapped with a Sherwood twistie and encased in Effetre 006 clear before being pressed. The flowers are large dots of Absinthe over small Peace dots. This moonstone glass has stood up well to being encased and being chilled with a brass press. There is a lovely dreamy quality to the petals of my raised dot flowers too. I used my standard kiln program for this bead, garaged and annealed at 520 degrees C.

I wish I had grabbed a bit more of this glass for my stash when I had the chance but until you try them out it is impossible to know which colours you will fall in love with. If I had my way then this pretty, well behaved moonstone glass would be part of the Messy Color standard palette.

Jolene xx

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