Aquarium murrini gallery.....

Morning, I have enough new ocean themed/aquarium themed murrini now to merit a cheeky little post about them, strangely none of them are fish!

To the left is a large focal necklace made with Mandy Mudcrab murrini and Red Inside-Out Barnacle murrini.
Next up some bumpy tide pool bracelet beads featuring Terry Turtle murrini with his cute patterned shell and also with Blue Inside-Out Barnacle murrini.
This little chap is my absolute favourite, Harry the Hermit Crab. Looks can be deceiving, he is likely the most complex murrini I have made to date, he is certainly made from the largest successfully pulled gather.
Here is sweet Sammy Seahorse - it took three tries and a full days torching to work out how to get him looking just right.
This set features some rather cool conch shells, if you put one to you ear and maybe, just maybe  you could hear the sounds of the Ocean.....
 Last but not least is this delicate little two tone Scallop shell murrini. All of these and more are available in my Lampy supplies shop (link below). There are definitely going to be more ocean themed murrini along soon, they are so much fun to make!

Jolene x

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