Mini Mo' November 2012 - Button Brights and Button Blues

Both of my Mini Mo's for November are inspired by buttons, I remember spending hours as a kid sorting and sifting through my Nan's button tins - I thought button murrini would be fun all year round but especially cute for Christmas critters!

The first colourway, Button Brights is made with Effetre Crimson 432, Effetre Dark Yellow 412 and Effetre Light Lemon Yellow 404 with Sherbet Dib-Dab shards. The murrini are very cute, a yellow four hole button and orange ones with 2 holes!
This first set is made with Sherbet Dib-Dab shards, a limited edition hand mixed colour blend of bright oranges and yellows. I have doodled all over this set with fine black stringer work pictures of butterflies and flowers.
My next set uses Button Brights twistie to decorate the core, encased with a thick layer of Effetre 006 clear glass. I have finished his set with many layers of tiny dot decoration and complimenting spacers.
My third make using Button Brights glasswork is this cute mini snowman set. It uses Button Murrini for his eyes and nose. I have added a little matched pair of sparkly textured snowballs to finish the set.
Button Blues is made with Effetre CiM Glacier, CiM Celadon and Effetre Medium Lapis 424 with silvered Celadon Shards. The murrini in this set are a mix of Glacier two hole buttons and dark blue 4 hole ones too.
This set features Silvered Celadon shards which is a new staple colour that I have just added to my lampwork supplies shop. These shards are over CiM Appletini and CiM Sherwood and have been spot heated and twisted at the edges with lime stringer.
This set uses Button Blues twistie over a core of 006 which I have encased with a thick layer of Effetre 006 clear to magnify the detail. I have embellished this set with layers of tiny dot decoration and cobalt blue encased spacers.
This next mini set is a cutie pie snowman focal with two tiny button eyes and a big blue button nose. I have added a pair of sparkly textured snowballs to finish the set.

Jolene x

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