Messy Testing - Lemon Drop and Tandoori

Yum! Check out the colour of these beads! CiM has introduced some new colours this month including CiM Lemon Drop ltd Run. This glass looks very odd in rod form, something like a filligriano with a core of pale yellow transparent running down the inside. The test bead here on the left shows that the colour strikes out evenly to become this very beautiful pale transparent lemon colour which I am liking a lot. on a slightly different note you will begin to see more and more of these words-on-em test beads on my blog as I am putting together an alphabetised CiM Colour Chart
The bracelet beads on the right have been made with a core of Lemon Drop ltd run burnished with fine silver leaf and encased with Effetre 006 clear. The left most bead was encased without the silver leaf being reintroduced to the flame and there are areas within this bead that still have whole pieces of silver. In other places the silver leaf has broken up into beautiful fine droplets under the encasing layer. On the right the silver leaf on the bead core has been burnt off before encasing and swirling which gives this organic cloud effect. I am not sure if the glass looks so much darker, like scrumptious caramelised sugar, as the result of being encasing or of fuming by the silver leaf or both.

The second glass I am looking at today is CiM Tandoori ltd run. In rod form Tandoori puts me in mind of good old fashioned fizzy Tizer, a bright but seemingly not very saturated transparent orangey red. The bead here on the left is made entirely with CiM Tandoori which looks considerably darker in bead than rod form and is a gorgeous vibrant dark orange transparent.
My next two beads have been made with a core of Tandoori ltd run burnished with fine silver leaf and then encased with clear. The first bead was encased without being reintroduced to the flame first. You can clearly see that there has been a reaction between the Tandoori and Silver which gives the whole silvered area a bluish cast. I burnt off the burnished silver before encasing my second bead, the cloud effect here is much stronger than that with the Lemon Drop and it also has faintly bluish cast which I have not managed to capture very well in my photography. Encasing this glass with silver and clear does not seem to change the appearance of the base glass in the same dramatic way it has with the Lemon Drop.

For more information about CiM glass and to find out what other testers have discovered please visit the Messy Color Website.

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