June photos...switching off auto!

I've taken to carrying my camera about with me since the start of June as I am determined to get to know my camera better.....mostly I'm simply snapping colour inspiration pictures on the walk to and from school or in the garden, such is the life of a stay at home, self employed, creative Mummy, but also a few from this months vist to our favourite city farm.

Since I took off my training wheels and switched off Auto on my compact, I am really pleased with a few of the images that I've managed to capture. Some are pretty, some that make me smile amd so I thought I would share a few of them here on my blog.......


pretty pink fleurs

Rod the alpaca

Happy weeds


My first tomato.....

Ta for stopping by


  1. Fabulous photos Jo the peackock one is amazing you've caught it at the perfect moment :o) x

  2. LOLOLOve the peacock picture! The little bird, that is so cool. so, did you go completely manual? Nice close up of the tomato! The funny thing is I own an old film SLR camera that I always did manual, started out completely manual on my DSLR, and now mostly use one setting on it for just about everything! Great pictures Jo!