Artists Spotlight - Kayleigh Sexton

Mosaic Book :)Today I'm blogging about Kayleigh Sexton, polymer clay artist and jewellery designer. Check out this journal, I absolutely adore it! This is Kayleigh's make for the New Year Journal Challenge on Craft Pimp Forum. It looks so tactile and softly shimmery that I kind of want to reach into the picture and touch it. Brilliant!

Kayleigh has just recently opened an online store called Polymer Clay Bits and Bobs where you can find a wide range of jewellery, cute and cool sculptural critters, custom options for cane slice covered photo frames and more!

Big Blue Circle PendantTo the right is a one of a kind beautifully detailed pendant, this one is made with my favourite colours, just my cup of tea! Click the image to visit Kayleigh's Flickr Photostream for a closer look.

If I had to describe Kayleigh's style in just three words they would be: vibrant, fun, tactile. I'm going to finish up with a diverse selection of Kayleigh's Craftyness to make you all smile.

You can see more online from Kayleigh on her blog Dizzy Kitten's Arty Farty Stuff and Kayleigh's Craftyness on Facebook.

Jolene x

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