Yummy Double Helix Shards!

I have just launched my new lampwork supplies shop on Etsy, Frit N Chips where I will be selling my handmade CoE 104 glasswork for bead making and CoE 96 furnace glass frit.

Yesterday I loaded up the shop with delicious Double Helix reduction glass shards. They are very easy to use, apply to the warm surface of you glass bead in a neutral flame, and simply waft your bead through a reduction flame to get the beautiful simmer and shine and magic from these spectacular glasses.

Psyche Shards

Aurae Shards

Trition Shards

Jo x


  1. Wow!! They are gorgeous Jo!! They remind me of the carnival glass I love so much! Beautiful beads!

  2. They do look like carnival glass! Beautiful!! Just beautiful!!

  3. I just love them all, no that is an understatement, I simply adore them!!!! Any chance of frit in them too??? Hint, hint!!! ♥♥