Artist's Spotlight - Larissa Symbouras

Wow........I have never, ever wanted to smell beer in the morning before, but this soap appeals to the beer snob in me too.

Larissa's Blog is eloquent, humorous, beautiful and has some of the most enticing product photography I think I have ever seen. Can you tell that I have a serious handmade soap fetish!

Check this out! Now this is the kind of wakeup call that I like the look of! Cafe Mocha Scrub...yumyumyumyummy

Larissa makes great stuff for guys too, check out this superb Clean Cut Saving soap in the Reef Botanicals artfire shop.

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  1. Ummmm coffee good! Love Larrisas' soap and I should know I have some sitting in my shower! LOL
    Larrisa also has a lovely shop here Reef Botanicals take a peak!

  2. Sweet! Literally..... everyting is so appealing to the senses.... very nice!

  3. Larissa's products look good enough to eat! Very nice article.

  4. Delightful products. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Great article! Reef Botanicals sure has some great products!

  6. Looks good enough to eat! I, speaking from experience, Larissa makes the best soap ever!

  7. That post made me hungry!!! yummy!!