Slytherin - Rockin' for twistie

Just spent a productive hour in my shed pulling twistie from Slytherin, one of the newest CoE 104 glass colours to hit the U.K from CiM.

This is the paddle pic for Slytherin from CiM - divine looking isn't it!

The intensity of this transparent colour makes the rods look virtually opaque not what I was expecting at all. It is a very stiff glass, but does not pit, spark or boil even in a very hot flame.

So I pulled a few variations of twistie in combination with CiM Peace (from right to left) encased striped twistie, striped twistie, tightly twisted ribbon cane with a thin partial encasement of Slytherin and lastly loose ribbon cane with a thick partial encasement of Slytherin.

The dense pigmentation in this glass lends itself well to creating encased striped twistie (far left below) - perfect for complex and subtle vine work on florals maybe. The striped twistie without encasement gave me a surprising result when I came to make my test beads - a thin reaction line on the Peace, midway between the main stripes of Slytherin (second from left below).

Of the ribbon cane twistie I much prefer the lightly encased version (above center) which again shows a reaction line on the Peace. The loosely twisted ribbon when used in my encased test beads shows again just how intense this colour is (abovefar left).

My conclusion......A little of this glass goes a very long way.


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