Just how much Glass is too much Glass?

and the answer is.......are you mad? What kind of question is that? There is no such thing as too much glass!!

Something that nobody tells you about when starting up lampworking as a hobby is just how deeply you will fall in love with glass. This is my stash, Effetre on the left (in colour order - transparent and opaque’s on separate shelves of course!)CiM top middle, Reichenbach 104 bottom middle. Double Helix, Seeded glass, Odd Lots, Cool colours & hand pulled Effetre on the right......

Plus a weenie stash of Kugler and Gaffer CoE 96 tucked away at the bottom.

And no, you are wrong! I do need more glass!

Jo x


  1. Oh honey, you should see MY stash. You would feel naked :D

  2. LOL have you got a pic? Jo x

  3. You're no where near too much glass, yet.