Glass testing - Bullseye glass and bubbles

Bullseye tints with brass "frit" inclusions. The brass creates bubbles when encased and heated. Only a very little bit of brass is required to get quite large bubbles. The more heat you give the bead the larger the bubbles grow.

Top left - Neo-Lavender
Top right - Aqua blue tint
Bottom left - Light leaf green tini
Bottom right - Erbium pink

Bullseye tints with copper oxide powder inclusions. The copper oxide creates bubbles and leaves a blue residue when encased and heated.  This reaction is very difficult to control, less powder is more effective and easier to manage in terms of keeping the bubbles small.

Top left - Light aqua blue tint
Top right - Erbium pink
Bottom left - Light leaf green tint
Bottom right - Neo-Lavender

Jolene xx

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