Messy testing - Amphibian ltd run

Today I had a look at Amphibian ltd run glass from CiM which has just become available in the UK. It is a sophisticated shade of opaque grey green. This first set of beads has been made with a base of Amphibian decorated with Ivory stringers. There is no reaction line at all between the two colours. I found the glass easy to work. It has a lot of striations where the wraps of glass melt in to one another when the bead is formed.
These nugget beads have all been made with Amphibian and Gaffer silver blue lustre frit. The first and last beads are made with Amphibian rolled in the frit. There is a tan halo around the frit where the silver content has fumed the Amphibian base glass. The second bead along was made with a base of Amphibian burnished with silver foil and then rolled in the frit.  The result is a lovely caramel base and tiny droplets of silver between the "windows" of blue frit. The third bead along was also burnished with silver foil and rolled in the frit but I have wafted the bead through a slightly propane rich reducing flame. The result is very interesting, organic and metallic with areas of oil slick rainbow colour that my camera couldn't pick up

Because Amphibian appears to be so  reactive with silver I decided to make some silvered stringer with it. These donut beads have been made with some silvered Amphibian stringer over a base of black glass. The resulting stringer looks golden tan and is wonderfully organic.

Happy melting, Jolene xx

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