Messy testing - Jelly Bean and Siren ltd run

In this post I am looking at Jellybean ltd run and Siren ltd run. Jelly Bean is a pale apple green opal glass, shown here with turquoise dots. This picture shows how it compares with Chartreuse ltd run (lime dots) and Inchworm ltd run (black dots).  It's a very pretty colour, unique to  the 104 glass palette and fairly easy to work with. I find it is a fairly stiff glass and if worked too hot you can create micro-bubbles on the tip of the rod.
CiM have developed Siren ltd run as an attempt to replicate the now sold out Aloe Juice ltd run. The hearts on the left were made with Siren and the hearts on the right were made with Aloe Juice - these glass colours are dead ringers for one another but that is a little hard to see because of the vibrant turquoise and lime dots over the transparent base colours appear to trick the eye and give them each a differnet hue.

The focal hearts below are made with a thick core of either Siren (decorated with turquoise flowers) or Aloe Juice (decorated with purple flowers) encased in Effetre 006 clear glass. It is very easy to see from these beads what a close match these two colours are.

A quick edit to add this picture, I was asked if Siren etches and so I did a quick test by dipping this rod in tub of etchall fluid for a minute or two and neutralising it with baking soda in water. As you can see it etches beautifully.

Jolene xx

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