Mini Mo Dec 14 - Willow Pattern and Earthenware

My first Mini Mo' collection for December is called Willow Pattern. I have used CiM Cornflower, CiM Zachary and Effetre White.
These beautiful silvered shards are a special one off mix for this collection.
An encased Easter egg focal with a Willow Pattern twistie wrapped core over Vetrofond mid blue.
Both the Willow Pattern and earthenware collections contain pretty black latticino canes, shown here over CiM Glacier and under clear.
My second collection for December is called Earthenware and uses CiM Stoneground and Reichenbach Multicolor dark.
I've created this floral decoration with swipes of Earthenware canes to form the vines and petals.
An Ethenware twistie cored heart wrapped with silvered Stoneground shards.
This is what the some of the Earthenware canes look like under deep encasement.

Have a lovely evening, Jolene x

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