Mini Mo'Sept 14 Iris Blue and Cornflower

My first Mini Mo' collection for September is called iris Blue. I've used Vetro Periwinkle, Reichenbach Iris blue and CiM Azure with classic Silvered Ivory shards
The first set I have to show today are mix and match tab beads that use some of the iris blue twisties over a base of Effetre lime green.
This heart trio has Iris Blue murrini detail with a paisley twist over baby blue.
Last to show for this collection, a trio of Fremen hearts with classic silvered Ivory shards.
My second collection is called Cornflower and uses Effetre Periwinkle, CiM Ink Blot and Effetre Trans Purple with Light Silver Plum shards.
Another bright set of Crazy 8's, this time using lilac twistie from the cornflower collection over Effetre Apricot.
A sweet little heart trio in dark lavender with Cornflower murrini.
The last set that I have to show today is this glorious set of azure hearts with shimmering Light Silver Plum shards - a low oxy rich flame brings out the lustre.

Have a great week, Jolene xx

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