Messy testing - Coronation Day ltd run

The last of the June 14 release limited run colours from CiM that I will be blogging about this week is called Coronation Day. The very first beads that I made with this glass (both sides of the same beads pictured left and below) showed heaps of colour variation - all of which are beautiful shades of dark lilac to rich purple - considering they were all made with a single rod of glass this variation had me intrigued.

To try to get to the bottom of what factors were at play to achieve this colour fading effect, I made a series of nugget beads in various different flame conditions, two each in an oxygen rich, neutral and propane rich flame. As you can see there is no obvious effect on the colour of these beads caused by varying the flame chemistry.

The hearts above were put thorough several heating and rapid cooling cycles in the process of their making. I work pretty hot (Mini CC on two oxycons) and used a brass press to shape them. The nugget beads above were shaped with a graphite paddle and were heated, cooled on graphite when being shaped and warmed through again only once.

 I did manage to reproduce the a similar effect again though in making this sweet set of tab beads. They were put through several cycles of heating and rapid cooling by using a heavy brass parallel press which seems to be the secret to teasing out the darker opal purple tones. The effect is so pretty!

Have a super day, Jolene x

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