Plot 36 - a little lottie update

I brought the camera down to the lottie yesterday and took some snaps of how things are coming along so far.

To the left are some of my asparagus plants, in total there are16 plants in a double row and all are growing well now. The bed still needs building up further as the roots of these plants are under about 5 inches of soil, they eventually need to be under at least 8 inches. These are all between 1 and 2 ft high and looking all frilly and fern-ish and whippy so I shored them up with short lengths of bamboo.

Above is one of my little courgette plants which is just starting to grow it's first fruits. I also have a couple of cucumber plants growing too, the flowers and leaves look similar but in comparison the cucumber plants petals are tiny.

Top right is a snap of my brassica bed, there is a mixture of purple sprouting broccoli, savoy cabbages and a few kohl rabi in there. I've netted the whole area to keep the pigeons off, they are a bit of a pest on the lottie. To the right are a couple of my little gem lettuce.

This is my main crop potato bed, there are quite a few little white flowers showing. I've been feeding these 20 plants  with Comfrey tea and have high hopes for them seeing as my Charlottes came out so well. I'm keeping my eye out for blight as summer goes on.

Last couple of pictures to show you now, on the right my runners are starting to put out these vivid red flowers. In the pic below you can see that I have planted up the early potato bed with rainbow chard and peas. Not ideal as far as perfect crop rotation goes but the peas seem to be coming along nicely.

Have a lovely sunny weekend, Jolene xx

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