Mini Mo December 2012 - Hermie and Sammy Seahorse

My fist Mini Mo' collection for December includes two kinds of yummy aquarium murrini. First up are some wonderfully detailed Hermit Crabs paired with lovely Scallop Shell murrini. I have  used Effetre Carrot Red 424, Dark Ivory, Coral 420, Green Olive transparent 025 and Lime Green 419.
This ready to wear sea themed necklace shows what the Hermit Crab Murrini look like under encasement. I have made a trio of necklaces in this style using a mix of all four of my new aquarium murrini.
This set of handmade coin shaped beads shows the Crabs and Scallop Shell murrini as raised decoration. I have used CiM Peachy Keen and CiM Count von Count as my base colours.

There is also a new short free tutorial on applying figurative murrini as raised decoration, you can see it here.
My third bead image for this collection shows a few of my bracelet beads with twistie cores form my Harry Mini Mo'. The twistie has been thickly encased and the beads further decorated with layers and layers or tiny dots.
My second collection for December is also sea themed. This time I have made tiny green Seahorse murrini and teamed them up with Conch Shell murrini. This glass work has been created using Effetre Lime Green 212, Green Olive Transparent and Dark Ivory along with Effetre Chocolate Brown.
Here is another of my ocean themed necklaces, this one shows a Sammy Seahorse murrini under a layer of Effetre 006 encasement.
The second set I want to show you today are these scrummy Seahorse and Conch coin beads where the murrini has been left as raised detail as shown in my recent blog tutorial.
This last picture shows a set of 6 twistie cored bracelet beads using the canes from Sammy Seahorse Mini Mo'. They each contain wraps of twistie over and Effetre clear core which has been thickly encased. I have decorated each further with layered dots and hearts

Jolene x

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