Mini Mo' October 2011 - She's a Rainbow and Back to Black

The glasswork collections I have put together this month are each a twist on my perfect glass rainbow. As you can imagine form the names of these two collections, I spent a good deal of time singing in my studio in September! The glass I have used this month is

Effetre Crimson 432
CiM Creamsicle
Effetre Special Dark Lemon 408
CiM Sherwood
Effetre Periwinkle 220
Effetre Cobalt Blue 246
Effetre Purple 272

I've also used CiM Hades for the super dense black detailing on the ribbon twisties and two tone encased twisties in Back to Black. All of the twisities in both sets of Glasswork this month have been encased with Effetre 006 to keep the detail crisp and stop the webbing effect that is a characteristic quality of Hades.

She's a Rainbow features Persimmon shards, I've mixed this colour by hand and it makes me think of Effetre Tequila Sunrise.

On the left is a close up detail of She's a Rainbow murrini, melted flat on the surface of a large pressed tornado style focal bead.

I am very excited about the rainbow cane in the Mini Mo' collections this month, it's a new style of handmade glasswork for me. This bead shows the flat cane swiped on to form raised petals.

Back to Black features silvered Hades shards which are an absolute favourite of mine. My Back to Black murrini contains multiple layers of rainbow colors and Hades to create a darker and more complex looking murrini. Back to Black Murrini are also encased in 006 as the final layer to keep the black stripes looking crisp when melted flat.
The beads on the right show how the twistie cane looks when etched, both under and over encasement. Because they are encased twistie canes, not only do they not web but they have the same frosted appearance as the 006 base bead after etching, rather than taking on a powdery tone.

I've used the red cane to create a lip on this orange vessel bead, just the right finishing touch!

This is what the rainbow cane looks like when melted in flat. I made this cabochon off  mandrel by making a maria, laying on the cane  and melting it in flat. I then spot heated and twisted the soft area with a stringer in a couple of places to add interest and encased with clear.

Jolene x

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