Cheeky Bead Gallery 3 - Tattoo beads

Firstly a quick shout out for Craft Pimp.....Do you create with polymer clay? Why not enter our *all about FIMO® Competition* on Craft Pimp Forum with monthly prizes donated by STAEDTLER (UK) Ltd.

And now a quick cheeky gallery of some of my latest inspiration and beads. This gorgeous pram blanket was a gift to my son Ethan from my good mate Tam. It is the jumping off point for my first bead series, Tattoo Beads. These beads use three intricate canes based on the butterfly, scarab and bird that you can see in my son’s baby blanket.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures.

Jolene x


  1. Bloody hell Jo those are amazing. What a talented lady you are....

  2. Why thank you lovely lady, I had ment to list some today to see how they go but have spent all afternoon cuddling my snot filled baby instead :-D