Girls only. Do not enter.

Girls only. Do not enter. by moncy3

I am absolutely thrilled and stunned to find my Stonewashed Candy beads featured in this beautiful collection today. Girls only. Do not enter. is a corker of a treasury, such a pretty and girly collection, curated by Claudia of moncy3. Look at those colours! Denim and bubblegum - delicious!

Claudia uses paper in all sorts of magnificent ways (her byline is - Pretty mail is my business) recycling children's books, upcycling junk mail, combining all sorts of graphic images with fabric, felt, beads and ribbons. The results are utterly appealing! This pink candylicious friendship stationary set gives you a bit of an idea what Claudia's shop is all about - hand crafted envelopes with gorgeous matchy matchy cutie stickers and paper wrapped tiny pencils. Gorgeous!

Great Escape 24x18x1 This item has been hand painted using acrylics on canvas. Varnished in Satin and ready to hang

Friendship Stationery Set

You can also more treasures from Claudia's in her hand crafted fabric and crochet Etsy store at moncy's cottage


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  1. Oh my! What a nice surprise! Now My turn to thank you for the feature! I'm loving this! ;)