Striking Canyon

This focal is made from pure Canyon de Chelly, pressed with a wood grain effect texture plate and then burnished with fine silver leaf.

Wood grain effect focal with fine silver detail

This is a quite a large focal bead and I thought I might have trouble striking it to a constant colour all over but found that the only colour variations I can see are remnants of the silver leaf on the bead surface. The spacer beads have not been struck and make a surprisingly consistent match to the Effetre Opal Yellow twistie which wraps the complimenting Canyon/Maple tyre beads.

Wood grain effect focal with fine silver detail
I found that by warming this bead gently in the back of the flame after letting it become cool enough to be covered with the silver leaf allowed me to easily strike the Canyon de Chelly to its deeper shade.

Canyon de Chelly

Jolene x

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