My first FIMO butterfly canes

Again just another quickie gallery, rather than a proper show and tell type post - other than to say that these are my first few attempts at making butterfly canes - left to right in the order they were made. The first was a very sharp learning curve, I made half, reduced, cut and joined it together and the body just doesn't line up, shame because I am really happy with the wings on it.

I think that I may well put a butterfly cane tutorial up here on my blog at some point.
Jolene x

Bold, Bright, Blue

Bold, Bright, Blue by radiance boutique.

I have just listed a few polymer clay beads for sale for the first time this week and am so thrilled to find my Marine Checkerboard beads featured in this beautiful bright, bold, blue treasury by Jen of radiance boutique. Blue has been my favourite colour since I was very young and I have simply fallen for the raincloud earrings that Jen has also featured.

Jen is a fellow U.K. Etsian and she specialises creating wedding jewellery and bridal hair accessories. Here is a little teaser of her stylish bridal collection.

Beautiful Swarovski pearl hair comb from the Romantic collection -perfect for creating romantic style
Romantic Pearl Wedding Hair Comb

Jen also has an Etsy store for children's jewellery under the name Jewellery For Girls and I just couldn't resist showing this, as my daughters name is Ruby.

Lovely Sterling Silver bracelet for girl's spelling out their name with four letter charms or 3 letters and an open hear
Romantic Pearl Wedding Hair Comb


A Cheeky FIMO Bead Gallery........

Just a quick cheeky gallery post to show my progress so far with polymer clay bead making, earliest beads at the top to newest beads at the bottom x


orange beads

Christmas beads



I'm so happy with how things are going although I have only been claying for about a month, hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures.

Jolene x


Sunday Finds - Found Objects

I find these beach stone buttons by madeforfun utterly appealing – I have no experience working with textiles but can picture these as a closure on a hand stitched hessian tote bag. In my hands one of these would become the focal point of a funky necklace or bracelet and the rest piled up in a pretty little dish to make me smile every time I see them.

This makes me smile too – as do many other of the (and I don’t hesitate to say it) works of art from Kenjio. I think that art (both good and bad) is simply a word that can be used to describe that someone’s creation elicits an emotion or evokes a memory from you as the viewer (even if it is distain and a cry of “ha! – call this art do ya?”)
Anyway, back to the point – when I stumbled across Daniel Lai’s book sculpture on Etsy I fell in lust with the imagery, idea and beautiful execution of his original concept – I would love one of these in my home.

Cute? Oh yes!! This fella is called Blue and was created by Josh of BrownDogWelding. A minimum of 10% of all profits from this quirky Etsy store are gifted to wonderful charities, split between Home Fur-Ever and The Genesis House, a women's shelter in Detroit.

Jolene x


Sunday finds - Pretty Butterfly

I think that what fascinates me most about a butterfly is its symmetry. The queens and kings of any butterfly house are those with the brightest colour, iridescent, pearlescent and spectacular. This edition of Sunday Finds is dedicated to the imagery of the butterfly used in some spectacular hand crafted accessories.

My first find is this stunning Tiffany style barrette by treasurefield. I love that it has been hand crafted using polymer clay and that I have no idea how these stunning pearlescent effects have been created. Alisa also has one of the loveliest blogs, filled with pretty images and photography, that I have had the pleasure to browse in a while.

I fell in love with this stylish faerie and butterfly cameo cuff as soon as set eyes on it. Designed and crafted by Lara…. otherwise known as Mistress Autumn. Eternal Autumn is chock full of original, funky and overall deliciously dark macabre romantica……and this! Love it thank you and Nom Nom Nom!

And my last pick this week is this stunning butterfly necklace by FairLeia. I can’t tell you anything much about its maker…but I do know this, it’s blinking lovely.