Graffiti heart necklace by Nikki Rogalski

Nikki Rogalski is a hugely inspriational person, a talented jewellery disigner and a fabuously quirky and creative lampwork artist. This necklace that Nikki has made with one of my painty hearts is awesome!

Nikki is also massively supportive of other glass artists. In 2012 she created a wonderful facebook group called Artisan's Open Market (AOM for short) where you will be able to see and buy beads from talented bead makers from all over the globe. There is a new artist on show every 24 hours and the schedule for the next 2 months is jam packed and very exciting!

Nikki sells her lampwork and jewellery direct from her facebook page Art Glass by Nikki Rogalski, on Etsy under her business name Bastille Bleu Lampwork and www.bastillebleu.com and also via trunk shows on AOM.

Here is a fab mini gallery of just a few of Nikki's wonderful creations (thank you Nikki for letting me steal your pictures!)

Hope you are having a sunny lazy Sunday, Jolene x

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