Free Kitzbitz Frit Blend Recipies

I had a dabble with frit testing and blending back 2009/10 and came up with some really lovely combos. I'm retiring these blends now and don't plan to add to my blend range in the near future as I much prefer making canes and murrini and I never seem to be able to rustle up any of those mystical extra hours in the day for a decent fritty playtime. I thought it would be really lovely to share them for free as a little gesture of thanks for all of the freely given information and inspiration that has been gifted to me over the years by talented and generous lampworkers all over the web. G=Gaffer

G045 1 part
G024 4 parts
G108 5 parts
G172 5 parts
G022 5 parts

G112 1 part
G121 1 part
G116 1 part
G124 1 part
G127 1 part

EZ Tiger
G013 2 parts
G171 2 parts
G052 2 parts
G183 3 parts
G063 1 part

Hocus Crocus
G077 5 parts
G111 5 parts
G114 2 parts
G132 1 part
G015 1 part
G137 1 part

Orange Grove
G070 1 part
G071 1 part
G073 1 part
G182 1 part
G186 1 part

Enjoy, Jolene x

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  1. Very generous Jo :D I don't make any frit myself yet (apart from the shocky bits that land on my work surface!), but it's really interesting to see what you use in yours :)