Artists Spotlight - HazelB Handweaver

Hazel Brend is a professional handweaver living and working in beautiful North Wales. She gets inspiration for her work whilst walking our dogs in the stunning countryside in Wales. The colours that inspired this stylish scarf come from a male Mallard duck. Hazel takes photographs of her subject and then mixes dyes, paints the warp yarn (which is the longways thread in her woven creations) and sets the dye before she begins the weaving process. You can find this piece and other stunning scarves and wraps in Hazels's online store.

I asked Hazel if she would mind writing a short short article for us on Craft Pimp Forum to give us a better idea of the process and equipment involved in weaving such delicate and fine fabrics. She kindly agreed and so you can read more about her creative process here.

This is a picture of Hazels largest loom. She has three working looms in her weaving shed and they are intriguing and complex and baffling to look at. The rows of threads put me in mind of a beautiful harp and perhaps in a way it is fair to say that the fabrics that come to life under Hazels skilled hands are like music for the eye.

Here is a little look at what a collection of Hazel's work looks like, her stand at Erddig, a fabulous 18th Century Welsh Country house. Hazel travels extensively doing shows in the summer. At the back if her stand you can see some sumptuous patchwork quilts for children - I think there is just no end to Hazels talents!

There are a couple of galleries on flickr where Hazel's handwoven wraps and scarves can be seen. Hazel also has a beautifully stocked Etsy store

Jolene x

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