Sunday Finds - Miniature Marvels

I have been tweeting a fair bit lately, promoting Craft Pimp and being all around generally nosey. It is amazing the amount of talent there is on display through various links to listings and blogs to be found when you dip in more than just a tentative toe in to the tweet stream.

I have also found it wonderfully surprising how nice people are when you are brave enough to say hi. One such lovely tweeter is marottesud. I knew the moment that I saw these miniature dollhouse books that I had found my first Sunday Finds find.

These deliciously tiny books are such a treat that they make me hope that my Daughter grows up to want a dolls house when she is older. I would love to have an excuse to play with one again and help her kit it out in lavish style.

Other than a love of reading another one of my loves is Sushi. This foodie treasure is a proper visual treat and would grace any sophisticated table. This miniature marvel has been hand crafted by minihandmade. Best not go look around in this Etsy store if you are offended by calorie free sweet treats, pies and puddings.....

My last choice is another miniature corker. A beautiful hand-stitched doll house carpet in 1/12 scale by smallworldstitchery. The design contains Chinese symbols that represent luck, longevity and happiness. It boggles my mind how each and every tiny stitch is so very perfect!

Jolene x

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