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Donna Saunders works with seed beads, with patience and artistry she links together tiny little splashes of colour to make extraordinary and beautiful things. She has been making jewellery since her teens including peices for her GCSE art exam.

I just love this stylish blue necklace, the titanium Drusy cab came from Designer Cabochons. Donna explained - It's blue (my favourite colour) and sparkly so how could I leave it there? This piece is all mine! I decided just to make a simple bezel for it out of Delicas and put it on a spiral rope which I made with Swarovski crystals in Montana blue. The clasp was experimental. I'd never made one like that before and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I also smply adore this delicious seaside themed cuff. Donna told me that the cuff came about when She was on holiday in St. Ives and found the tiny little Miyuki cubes in the right colours for the sand, sea and sky in GJ Beads' shop. Donna made this cuff whilst sat on the beach and the little starfish on it were made using Lynn Davy's tutorial.

My last selection is from Donna's current gorgeous range of Rivoli Flowers. The inspiration for this beauties came from another Craft Pimp Forum member, Catherine, who showed her a similar flower she'd for a hair slide last May. Donna had made herself a sunflower cuff  and wanted a necklace to go with it. She has since many different colour ways as she matches the beads to the silk strings from Diane at SowZerE. Donna is currently in the process of turning this project in to a kit.

To get the latest news and an eye full of eye candy check out Delicate Sparkles Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Shop. You will also find the latest updates and news from Delicate Sparkles on Donna's blog

I asked Donna what aspect of beadwork did she most enjoy? Her Reply?

At the moment I'm really enjoying beadweaving and bead embroidery (I've just got Sherry Serafini's new book and that has definitely inspired me) and I'm looking forward to the Bead Retreat I've organised with some friends for next month. We all get together and just do our own thing and maybe learn from someone else if they're doing something you want to know about. It's all very informal but lots of fun!  I'm also planning to convert my garage into a beading studio so I can give classes and am really looking forward to getting stuck into that in the next few weeks.

Jolene x

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