Sunday finds - Preloved Glass

How cool is this? Very cool is the answer! If someone had given me an old light bulb and some copper wire I certainly wouldn’t have come up with this cool little critter and so my first selection for Sunday Finds (yes, I realise it is Monday already but I have been a busy little bee this week - blog about that to follow) is this gorgeous little Enlightened Peace Spider by ecohead from Israel. The ethos behind ecohead is utterly beguiling - Alon Shalom is believer in sustainability and his goal is to bring new life into what most of us consider as trash.

I'm in love! Ok so it's no the kind of love that is accepted in polite society but in the privacy of my own head (and blog) it is acceptable to look at an object of such elegance with covetous desire. This breath taking chandelier has been created from hundreds of recycled Italian mineral water bottles and even has a whole sanded bottle as its center piece. I can only imagine how beautiful it sounds. The Etsy shop Metamorphosi is run by Ilaria Sadun to raise funds for the Organization Progetto Metamorphosi which promotes the use of recycled material to create art and design and opportunities of work.

Da-nana-nana, boom-boom boom-boom, da-nana-nana - hmm there has got to be a word for it - like synesthesia (or maybe that is the word). This is image causes me think bluesy sounds in the same way that for some a colour brings a sensation of smell or taste with it. Anyhow, I like the idea of these glass guitar slides, they are very funky and cool. RedRocketStudios is a joint studio shop for the artists C.Bromley and  J.Edward, Their goal is to Re-Use before Re-cycle, they seek inspiration from everyday objects and re-imagine them into fun, practical and eccentric goods.

Jolene x

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