Sunday Finds - Treasure from the scrap heap

My first pick this week is from an extraordinary metal work artist and jewellery designer who goes by the name of Mixed Metal Mimi. There is so much loveliness in Mimi's store that it was very hard to pick out just one piece to feature but I think that this butterfly necklace is a show stopper. There is such attention to detail, beautiful feminine texture and a sense of movement to it too. All of the beautiful work in this store has been created using repurposed vintage metal and I am a real fan of Mimi's design ethic - Upcycled... good for the environment, and best of all handmade.

Don't you just love the name of this Etsy store? Fork Whisperer, brilliant name for brilliant products and design. I really get a kick out of this sterling silver ring which has been created by hand from an actual antique fork. I have met the idea of creating with household cutlery as a medium once or twice before but never have I seen it done with such style, swagger, class and desirability. I love this store!

This stunning treasure was made from reclaimed steel sheet by Giselle and Tim of The Rave 'n' Iron who combine traditional metalworking techniques with a contemporary eye while looking to mankind's oldest inspirations: Nature and Love. This engraved dragonfly pendant is certainly a very romantic piece and would make a fantastic talking point - it's magical!

Jolene x

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  1. Thanks so much Jo.
    I just came back from holidays and found some treasures in my mailbox. Your GORGEOUS beads have arrived and I so love them. I can't wait to create some wonderful pieces with them. Your choice of colors and designs are stunning,
    Mixed Metal Mimi